Welcome to the Wild Farmacy Project!

What would you do to help create access to sustainable health care for everyone in your neighborhood?

We’re working to do our part ~ and it’s more than herbs:

WildFarmers want to help communities organize around creating a more resilient health-care system.  That’s a big job and we’re just getting our feet wet.

We are also here to help you navigate your own journey if you need it, and to help you help others as a healing artist if that’s your thing.

We can connect you with the incredible ‘wellth’ of practitioners and events on offer here in the Driftless Region of southwest Wisconsin, and beyond, and help you find the information, raw materials, and supplies you may be seeking for personal wellness.

We want you to be able to take good care of your family, the earth, and one another. We are looking forward to a truly integrative medicine, Patch Adams style.

Our projects, like Tea for the People and the Driftless Herbal Exchange Network, are largely based around the wonderful herbs and foods that we can grow here in the Midwest. What’s your big healthy idea?


Wild Farmacy’s vision is healthy, vibrant communities in which all individuals thrive physically, socially and economically.  We see community and individual empowerment around self-care as key elements, along with collaboration among members of many different groups, including growers and harvesters, health-care professionals and wellness practitioners, educators, and grocers.